Lyžiarske stredisko Podbanské sa nachádza v nadmorskej výške 1100m, vďaka čomu má výborné podmienky na lyžovanie. Lyžiarska sezóna na svahoch v Podbanskom býva nadpriemerne dlhá a trvá v priemere 100 až 115 dní. Svahy strediska sú strednej a nízkej náročnosti, takže sú vhodné aj pre deti a menej zdatných lyžiarov. Nachádzajú sa tam 4 vleky a na svoje si prídu aj pokročilý lyžiari.


20 km from our resort- Štrbské Pleso offers 9 kilometers of easy and medium downhill tracks on the slopes of Predné Solisko. Here you can use the services of rental skis, snowboards, ski services and ski schools for beginners.

For cross-country skiers, cross-country trails with a total length of up to 26.5 km are available at Štrbský pleso. You will also love night skiing. If you like adrenaline, you support the snowpark.

Ski Centrum - Opalisko

Not far from Liptovské Mikuláš is SKI Center Opalisko. For the little ones, they have a natural ice rink, a toboggan run and a children's area. The center also has a running area with 30 km of running tracks. They have 5 pistes covered with artificial snow, 4 lifts and a chairlift, so you won't have to wait in long lines.

Jasná - Nízke tatry

Clear as the largest ski arena, it offers many activities. Excellent conditions for winter sports, 49 km of groomed slopes and a modern snowmaking system only add to the attractiveness of this resort. The winter season lasts about 5 months.

Račkova dolina – Klin

This route is similar to the route to the top of Končista. You can reach it from Račkovo sedlo by climbing to the left. But if you want to go to Klin, you go for a slightly longer climb to the right. From Klina, you can ski immediately to the hut, on the south-western slopes. But you have the option to follow the ridge to the south and only from there ski down to the hut.


Are you interested in free skiing and would you like to use your climbing skills? Yes, even in this case you will find your way.

Baranec, Western Tatras

Dominant Liptov and at the same time the third highest peak of the Western Tatras. From a height of 2185 m a.s.l. m. you can see Baníkov, Plačlivé, Ostrý Roháč or the crest of Orthancev. You can reach it with two supports. Via Žiarska or Račkova dolina. It takes less than 4 hours from Žiarská at a slow pace. It is a little longer from Račkova, approximately 4 hours.

Račkova dolina – Končistá

From Račkova dolina, you can take the forest road through the Úzka dolina to the Prostredné glade. The ascent goes all the way to the hut under Klin. From the hut you can reach Račkové plesá, where the slope takes on its steepness. After the climb, you will go up to Račkové sedlo, and a slight climb will take you to the top of Končista. From there you can ski down to the balls.

Cross-country skiing

Liptovská Kokava - Podbanské has a 10 km long track. You can reach Liptovská Kokava in 10 minutes by car. Liptovská Kokava also has a skating rink.

Podbanské - Kmeťov waterfall is a route approximately 8 km long. The yellow route takes you to the junction of Kôprova and Tiche dolina, the green route takes you to the junction Pod Grúnikom, and the blue route leads you to the Kmeťov waterfall.

Among the smaller ones, we can mention the route Pribylina - Ústí Úzka dolina, which is 3.5 km long.

Popis obrázka

Among the smaller ones, we can mention the Pribylina - Ústi Úzke dolina route, which is 3.5 km long, and the Pavčina Lehota - Žiarce route, which is 1.6 km long.
The route Závazná Poruba - Opalisko can be supported by up to two people. One route is over 2 kilometers long and the other is almost 5 km long.
Malinô Brdo has a running track less than 1 kilometer long.

You can rent cross-country equipment in the Jasná Nízke Tatry resort, in Liptovský Mikuláš and in Závažná Poruba.